Traveling the planet, with the planet in mind

Most modern-day transport takes an enormous toll on the environment. Despite recent innovations in mobility (fuel-efficient cars and planes), global transport spit out 1.9 billion metric tons of C02 into the atmosphere in 2018.

That’s a lot of C02.

Not all this C02 is from travelers. But a lot of it is. The problem is travel has become so much easier and cheaper over the years. So many bargains and packages to travel halfway across the world. It’s become increasingly difficult to deny ourselves a well-deserved escapade to an exotic destination.  

But our travel cravings come into conflict with our desire for a cleaner, healthier planet, both for ourselves and our children. The hotel industry contributes about 1% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, and that number is expected to rise. To top it off, the tourism sector is responsible for 35 million tons of solid waste dumped into our environment every year.

That’s a lot of trash.

To be perfectly honest, simply abstaining from long-distance travel is the best way to avoid this. But asking people to stop traveling can be like asking our children to do their homework during the holidays.

Is there still a way to travel and avoid trashing the planet at the same time? Believe it or not, there is.  

Unlike most companies whose sole purpose is to gain profits, there’s an eco-conscious outlier called Ecobnb. Owned by social entrepreneurs Simone Riccardi and Silvia Ombellini, Ecobnb is a community soulfully dedicated to sustainable tourism. They help travelers from every corner of the globe find accommodations in harmony with nature, everything from carbon neutral chalets in the mountains to treehouses and igloos.

What makes Ecobnb such an amazing company? For starters, they require all accommodations to run on 100% renewable energy. But there’s so much more. Hosts must also have organic food, ecological cleaning products, car-free accessibility, energy saving lights, and they must recycle more than 80% of their waste.

The project was co-funded by the European Union and has received mention in a number of prestigious media outlets, including the British journal The Telegraph.

For those who want to travel the world while preserving the planet for our grand kids and beyond, Ecobnb is an exceptional alternative.

To be truly eco-conscious, we recommend our readers to avoid air travel as much as possible, and instead opt for traveling locally. However, we understand that, as global citizens, abstaining from air travel is not always easy. For those who must travel by airplane, we’ve partnered with Jet Radar to offer you the best rates on flights all over the world. Every time you purchase a flight through our link, please know that you’ll be contributing to a good cause. 10% of our yearly revenue will be donated to the Marine Conservation Institute. So if air travel is your only option, please click here to reserve your flight, and help save our oceans without paying a penny more than you normally would.

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