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In previous blogs we’ve mentioned the origins of our beloved COVID-19. Sorry, but it’s highly unlikely to be a government conspiracy to control the population (China is actually struggling against a rapidly declining population as a result of their one child policy from 1979 to 2016, and most developed nations in the world today, particularly Japan, also have declining populations).

Some heads of state have attempted to downplay the threat for fear that it will negatively affect their economies and hence, their reputations, a tactic that appears to be blowing up in their faces.

As mentioned in a previous blog, this is in large part the result of humans’ unhealthy relationship with the animal world. But regardless of the virus’ origins, eating animals is unnecessary, cruel, and unhealthy, both for ourselves and for the planet.

The coronavirus has caused global turmoil that hasn’t been seen in decades. Worse yet have been individual reactions, while many of us have reached our limit.

Enough is enough. Enough unsubstantiated claims and enough, well, just freaking out. Unfortunately, the outrageous conspiracy theories will probably never disappear, and neither will rumors about an impending zombie apocalypse.

Now that most of us are confined to our homes we might as well try and relax a little.

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