It’s a mean world out there. Let’s try and Live Kindly.

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So much information. Too much, perhaps. Endless channels on TV, on our computer screens and smartphones, all trying to cram information into our minds in the most appealing way.

And there’s so much confusion. Why? Well, for one, there’s a strong argument to suggest our brains simply haven’t evolved to process the complexities of modern life. We went from a small, simple world where our only concern was getting enough to eat, staying healthy and being happy, to one with interconnected economies, human induced climate change, physics, and even more mind boggling, celebrity reality shows and world leaders who recommend we inject ourselves with house cleaning supplies.

And today, suddenly everything has gotten even more complex. The entire planet is mired by a pandemic that needs no introduction. And it’s important to understand why this is happening, without succumbing to the sea of baseless conspiracy theories flooding the internet.   

So let’s talk about it.

One major factor in the emergence of pandemics, like this one, is our exploitation of the natural world, and of the animals with which we share it. As mentioned numerous times in this blog, animal agriculture is the leading driver of habitat destruction and species extinction, taking certain animals, like bats, to the brink of starvation, making them sick and more susceptible to viral outbreaks. Then there is the industrialized breeding, caging and slaughter of animals. Factory farms are breeding grounds for pathogens, and the source of many sicknesses that have passed on to humans, such as Mad Cow disease and Swine Flue.

These industries are also the leading cause of nearly every environmental problem this planet faces, from soil degradation to water waste to the Amazon being set ablaze in Brazil. Not to mention the barbaric cruelty they impose on the billions of animals they breed into existence each year, before killing them. Mainstream media are hesitant to go in depth about the role of meat consumption in our decimation of the planet, and its role in the emergence of many pandemics, for a number of reasons.

Credit: Compassion in World Farming

Until not long ago, this has left consumers in the dark about how they can help the planet. But in recent years, a number of media companies, unafraid to address the issue, have sprouted. One of them is Live Kindly. Founded by Jodi Monelle in 2017, the company has blossomed into one of the most prestigious plant-based information and food companies in existence today.

Describing themselves as “the leading digital media source for thought-provoking and inspiring content embracing a plant-based, sustainable, and compassionate lifestyle,” they’re definitely getting things done.

They’ve recently been focal point of articles in Bloomberg News and Business Insider for the revolution they’ve been spurring, and just last month the company was acquired by LIVEKINDLY co., which was founded by Roger Lienhard, who invested in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods when they were still burgeoning companies.

With over 100 million cross-platform impressions every month, Live Kindly has filled the information gap that much of the mainstream media has been reluctant to get near, that our addiction to animal products is doing monumental damage to the planet on multiple levels, and how adopting a plant-based diet is so much easier than we think, as long as we’re informed and willing to turn a mean world into a kinder one.

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