Planet of the Plandemics

It’s a never-ending story. Groundless conspiratorial beliefs continue to make the leap from hearsay to full-fledged “documentaries” with ample funding. Some of them are actually very well made, successfully appealing to the emotions of viewers, convincing them of the lies they propagate more efficiently than a pandemic.

This month, world renowned American filmmaker Michael Moore’s documentary Planet of the Humans became available for free on Youtube. The creator of motion pictures like Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore has revealed numerous ugly truths about the American political system, and how big business supersedes ethics on a plethora of issues.

Planet of the Humans, on the other hand, has received an onslaught of criticism for its inaccuracies, and is regarded by many as a gift to the fossil fuel industry and the far right, which has championed it.

Michael Moore? Really?

Indeed, by suggesting the renewable energy industry is a money grab by scammers and does nothing to protect the planet (which are outright falsehoods), it seems Michael Moore has unwittingly (or not?) sold his soul to the barons of the coal and oil industry while ruining the credibility of the environmental movement.

But the misinformation here pales compared to what would come soon after. Planet of the Humans looks like Goldilocks compared to the outright horror movie that is the new Plandemic.   

Before getting into the film, let’s get some context. The Covid-19 crisis has been subject of a deluge of conspiracy theories from all ends, depending on the messenger’s political and ideological beliefs. Everyone from Asians to Jews to Santa Claus are believed to be the perpetrators of this global pandemic. There are even those who deny its very existence.

Worst of all, those who willfully disseminate these beliefs aren’t from some cult in a compound in some faraway land. Many of these dangerous conspiracy theories are coming from the pinnacle of world power, the president of the United States himself, who in April suggested doctors should “look into” injecting Covid patients with household disinfectant to “clean out” the virus.

Plandemic centers around a discredited scientist who claims the entire Covid-19 pandemic was created in a lab under the direction of global elites, including Dr. Anthony Fauci (the far-right’s new arch-enemy, coincidentally or not) and Bill Gates, to gain financial profits from a vaccine that still doesn’t exist. The idea is quite intriguing, especially considering how Bill Gates, a man worth over 102 billion dollars, would create a virus that would kill millions of people and destroy the global economy, on which his fortune relies, to make some extra money.

The scientist in mention, Dr. Judy Mikovits, makes endless claims that have already been debunked by experts around the world. Among the most obvious, she goes on the record by saying coronaviruses cannot jump from animals to humans. But they can, and they did. What’s happening today was actually predicted years ago, though the exact timing was a mystery.

There is nothing freakishly alien about this particular pandemic. In fact, 60% of human diseases come from animals, only this one is exceptionally contagious  

It’s more reasonable to suspect the planet was conquered by a mean little creature with cylindrical suction cups protruding from its body as the unintended consequences of our unhealthy relationship with animals, along with our relentless decimation of the natural world.

With regards to Plandemic, I will not address all the falsehoods made by Dr. Mikovits, but I will share this article from the New York Times along with a pertinent article from

It’s unfortunate how so many people swallow the claims made by these types of films. It’s as if they’re a magic pill for those living in a world that gets more confusing every year, thanks in large part to new websites and You Tube channels that spring up like May Flowers, unabashedly spreading their own version of the facts that affect us the most.

One of their tactics is to blend general truths to convince us of outright lies. Planet of the Humans truthfully points out how industries use manipulative tactics to convince us that biofuels are “green” alternatives to coal, which they are not. But the overall premise of the film, that the promotion of solar and wind energy is inherently corrupt and even harmful to the environment, is utterly false.

The assertions in Plandemic about the pervasive greed and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry are not a lie. Big Pharma puts forth the most cash in lobbying efforts than any other industry. But this doesn’t mean Covid-19 was created in a lab so global elites can get richer amid a world economy that may soon be in shambles.   

There’s a reason people buy into these beliefs. The human brain is not equipped to process the complexities of modern day crises efficiently. It’s easier to follow our instincts and assume there’s always a “they” behind every occurrence.

They made this thing to bring down the population.”

They are trying to confuse us and turn us against each other by way of the media, which is run by… them.

Well, whoever they are, they must be very powerful.

Perhaps they should invest more in quality education so we can learn how to discern fact from fiction before these so-called “documentaries” turn the story of human civilization into an award-winning horror flick.

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  • Hi Roberto! Can you debunk what was said about solar and wind (in the documentary Planet of the Humans) so that I can believe there is some little hope out there). 😳

    • Hi Pam.

      Much of what was said regarding the lack of efficiency about solar energy was correct well over a decade ago, but the technology has improved significantly since then. Unfortunately the film “forgets” to mention in what year many of the interviews were made, and misleads the viewer into believing these claims are valid today, which they’re not.
      Some of the claims are accurate, like what was said about biofuel being damaging to the environment. But for the most part, everything else is extremely misleading.
      I highly recommend watching this 29 minute video from “Just have a think” which addresses all the claims, one after the other, and explains in detail why, for the most part, they are very misleading.

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